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Histories Played by Wally Kurth as Ned Asthon and Nancy Lee Grahn as Alexis Davis
On Christmas Eve 1996, Ned Ashton & Alexis Davis met for the first time. Since then their relationship has gone from friends to lovers, and I for one could not be happier. Monday, February 16th, marked the beginning of a new direction for their relationship, and although they have hit some bad times
Alexis Davis
As tough as nails and ruthless attorney, Alexis is the Cassadine family "consigliere," as well as Stefan's business confidante. Alexis's concerns for her family have driven her to hatch a plan to prevent her cousin Stefan from getting romantically involved with Katherine Bell. Alexis first appeared in Port Charles to defend Kevin Collins after he had been arrested for stalking Felicia Jones. Alexis then defended Monica Quartermaine from charges of sexual harassment from the unscrupulous Dr. Dorman. Alexis's hopes for world domination came to an end when Luke Spencer foiled Stefan's evil plot. Alexis has found herself attracted to Ned Ashton. Alexis has put into motion a secret plot to ensure that her cousin Stefan doesn't get romantically involved with Katherine Bell. Alexis Davis is a distant Cassadine cousin. Alexis is an astute attorney who functions as family "consigliere," as well as Stefan's business confidante. She loves her cousin Nikolas and shares Stefan's animosity toward Luke and Laura Spencer. Alexis finds herself attracted to Ned Ashton, and the two share the same burden of being their respective families "gatekeepers." Recently, Alexis has put into motion a secret plot to ensure that her cousin Stefan doesn't get romantically involved with Katherine Bell. Alexis resided at Wyndemere on Spoon Island until her plan was revealed and Stefan informed her that she was no longer a Cassidine. It was also confirmed that Alexis is not Stefan's cousin, but rather his sister Natasha.
Ned Asthon
Ned Ashton never took anything seriously until he took an interest in Lois Cerullo. The straight-talking Brooklynite eventually made an honest man of the playboy - and then, she made him a broken man. Now that he's lost her, he's taking his life seriously all right. He has to; he's in serious trouble. Ned was born into money. As the son of Tracy Quartermaine and Lord Larry Ashton, he never wanted for anything - except love. While working at the Green Meadows Spa and going by the name Ward in 1988, Ned encountered and seduced guest Monica Quartermaine, unaware that she was, in fact, his aunt. When Ned and Monica met again in Port Charles - and their identities were revealed - Ned insisted he hadn't known of their connection when he made his play for her. And then he made another attempt! Monica never again gave in to Ned's charms, but she did help him make peace with his father, Lord Larry Ashton. Ned soon was distracted, anyway, by a new arrival in Port Charles: pretty student nurse Dawn Winthrop, who turned out to be Monica's long-lost daughter. In 1989, as Ned vied with his cousin, Alan, to be the major stockholder in ELQ, he also competed with Lila's mechanic, Decker Moss, for Dawn's affection. Ned's own mother, Tracy, had asked the grease monkey to throw a monkey wrench into her son's affair. On the day in 1990 that Ned was to have taken Dawn to be his wife, she learned about his fling with her mother and left him at the altar. A year later, after Dawn's death, Ned pursued Jenny Eckert, who, though in love with Paul Hornsby, wouldn't give him the time of day because he was, in turn, engaged to Tracy. After Ned and Jenny's 1992 engagement party, he wanted to make love to her, but she begged off, explaining that she was a virgin. Later, after their marriage, Ned learned that not only hadn't Jenny been a virgin on their wedding night, but she had had an affair with Sen. Jack Kensington and even miscarried his baby! The Ashtons' marriage was over. In 1993, on a business trip, Ned encountered Lois Cerullo, the manager of a so-so band called The Idle Rich. Ned got up and sang with the group, and Lois was so impressed, she signed the man she knew only as "Eddie Maine" to a record deal - and took him to bed! A year later, "Eddie" married Lois - and then Ned was forced by his family to marry blackmailer Katherine Bell. For a while, Ned kept up two lives and maintained two households, one as himself, the other as Eddie. Then, Lois saw the Quartermaines on TV; the jig was up. When Ned finally extricated himself from his unholy alliance with Katherine, he worked overtime to earn Lois's forgiveness. In 1995, he married her for the second time. Although she wanted to make her life with Ned work - and she wanted him to be a part of the life of their daughter - she feared that she was becoming mean-spirited, like all of the Quartermaines, and she left Ned. Now Ned is romancing Alexis Davis. Ned resides at the Quartermaine Gatehouse 321 Harbor View Rd. in Port Charles, New York.